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4 P’s of Projects that Add Value to Pharmaceutical Contract Services

4 P's of Pharmaceutical Contract Services ProjectsTime, budget, and scope—they are the classic triple constraint of project management.  The same constraints apply when projects are outsourced to the pharmaceutical industry.  Providers of pharmaceutical contract services employ an armada of project managers to coordinate and deliver services to clients.  While the role of these project managers might seem straightforward, a closer look will reveal that a great project manager goes beyond the essentials of managing time, budget and scope to bring added value that can take your project to the next level and set your experience with pharmaceutical contract services apart from the rest.

With that in mind, here are 4 P’s to look for when outsourcing your pharmaceutical contract services project:

Prompt Attention

No need to hurry up and then have to wait.  Speed to market is important and outsourced services are meant to help, not hinder the process.  Make sure you are receiving prompt responses to your RFPs, e-mails, and phone calls and that your services are delivered on time.  It is reasonable to expect a follow up response to your calls and e-mails within 48 hours.

Personal Service

Healthcare, by its very nature, is personal, and the same level of care can be found in pharmaceutical contract services. You should have one touch point, a single point of contact, who is easy to get a hold of and knows your preferences and the details of your project inside and out.  Contract service providers that emphasize the importance of offering service with a personal touch will be more accountable to you and have a stake in the ultimate connection to patients whose lives will be improved by the product or service being delivered.

Positive Attitude

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  He was on the right track and the same applies to outsourcing your pharmaceutical project as well.  Successful projects are lead by project managers with positive attitudes.  In his book, Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management, Scott Berkun points out that project managers should possess an innate ability to make good things happen and that “project management is about . . . increasing the probability and speed of positive outcomes.”  This is especially true and needed in the pharmaceutical industry where patients are waiting for good project outcomes that lead to better healthcare options.

Professional Rapport

Are you a client or a customer?  Are you unsure?  According to Merriam-Webster, a customer purchases a commodity or service, while a client engages in the professional advice or services of another.  Knowledgeable, trusted, and transparent project communication should be the norm. This builds professional rapport on your pharmaceutical contract services project and transforms a basic customer interaction into an outstanding client relationship.

In Sum

Do you work with a project manager who is going the extra mile to deliver prompt, personal, positive and professional services for you?  If you do, then you know that great project managers are out there making good things happen every day and adding value to pharmaceutical contract services.

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Kelly Boatman

Kelly Boatman

Director of Client Services at BioConvergence LLC
Kelly directs the project management and contract management business functions at BioConvergence. Kelly has worked in project management for most of her 25 year career, starting off as an environmental scientist and moving later into the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She has held customer-facing and operational roles in supply chain, regulatory compliance, laboratory management, consulting, and business development. Over the course of her career she has managed projects and services for numerous biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and consumer product manufacturers.